Three Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Initial Consultation with a Divorce Attorney

If you are thinking about divorce, you may want to work with a divorce attorney. Although you can choose to do the divorce yourself, it is usually in your best interest to be represented by an experienced attorney. However, to make the most out of your consultation with an attorney, you must make some preparations. Your first meeting with an RPB Family Law attorney can feel intimidating or overwhelming. The divorce process can be highly emotional and you may not be able to think clearly. To maximise the benefits of your initial consultation, you should consider the following tips:

Gather Personal Information

During the divorce process, you will worry about many things. Because of this, you may not be able to pay attention to the small things. However, during your initial consultation with an attorney, you must provide them with the basic information about your case. Your attorney may need information such as names, addresses, contact numbers, social security numbers, places of employment, and birthdays.  Also, you must gather recent tax documents, credit card accounts, bank statements, and other related financial documents. 

Prepare Some Questions

Writing down any questions you want to ask an attorney will ensure nothing is left unanswered. You should ask about the cost of your divorce and how long the divorce process will take. Also, make sure to ask about child custody, property and debt division, and others. By discussing these issues during your initial consultation, you can go through the divorce process well-informed. This can alleviate stress and helps you set clear expectations.

Determine What You Want from the Divorce

For your divorce attorney to help you, they should know your expectations from the divorce. Because divorce can significantly affect your life moving forward, you must figure out what you want out of it. If you and your spouse have significant marital property, consider how you would divide it. Are you looking to keep the marital house, a certain vehicle, or an heirloom? If you have children, what will your parenting plan be like? Do you want to get full custody of your children or regular visitation? It is important to know what you want, so your lawyer can plan the best divorce strategy for your case. 

The initial consultation with your divorce lawyer will help you get answers to your questions. It allows you to hire an attorney who is a good fit for your case.