Do you need a construction accident attorney? Find here!

It is not uncommon to hear of mishaps and accidents at construction sites. If you were injured in such an accident, you need to consider your legal options. Workers injured in construction accidents often need to file a workers’ compensation claim, while in some cases, they may even have a valid personal injury claim. Best-rated firms like King Law have top attorneys who take up construction accident lawsuits on a contingency fee. If you are wondering whether you need an attorney, here’s a look at key aspects. 

Determining the worth of your claim

Just because you were injured at a construction site doesn’t always mean that the other party is liable for your losses and medical bills. As the claimant, you have to prove that the accused had a duty of care towards you and had breached that duty, which caused the accident and led to your injuries. Experienced attorneys can help determine the worth of your claim and evaluate the parties liable for your suffering. 

Negotiations are always tricky

No matter whether you have a valid premise liability claim or need to file a workers’ compensation claim, you have to deal with insurance companies. Don’t assume that the claims adjuster is on your side. They may trick you into signing documents and sharing details that may help them reduce the settlement paid for your claim. You need an attorney if you don’t know how negotiations work because lawyers can see through the tactics used commonly by insurance companies. 

The need for trial

Typically, personal injury lawsuits don’t end up in court. A trial can be expensive for you and the other parties, and your lawyer will try their best to negotiate an acceptable settlement. However, construction accident attorneys often need to file a lawsuit to get justice. If your case ends up in court, you will need an experienced trial lawyer on your side. 

The contingency fee

If your financial situation is preventing you from lawyering up, remember that lawyers take construction accident lawsuits on a contingency fee, just like other PI cases. The lawyer only gets a fee if you win, and that’s the standard practice. You don’t need immediate money to fight your legal battle, and once you win, your lawyer gets a share of the settlement, usually between 30% and 40%. 

Get an attorney to review your claim because construction accident cases are often more complex and harder to understand.