How Does a Court Determine a Driver’s Recklessness?

There are several ways that reckless driving might affect the driver. They risk having a criminal record, suspended license, and paying more for insurance. And that’s before dealing with claims for an accident where the motorist might be held accountable for punitive damages, even though disciplinary penalties are strictly governed.

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1. Criminal Penalties

Driving irresponsibly is a minor violation in numerous places. In addition to the points, a misdemeanor conviction results in a permanent criminal record.

 For the first offense in New York, the maximum term is 30 days in jail, followed by 90 days for a second crime and up to six months for a third.

You risk losing your license and owing fines of up to $300 for a first offense, $525 for a second, and $1,125 for a third. 

2. License Points

In most states, reckless driving results in additional license points. In other words, you can receive 11 points for reckless driving if you exceed the speed limit by at least 21 mph. Then, with just that one ticket, you’ll accrue enough points to have your license suspended.

The price changes if you are guilty of DUI or don’t take the test. The state might revoke your license if you don’t pay.

Through the Point & Insurance Reduction Program, you can lower the number of points on your license (PIRP).

The DMV contacts your insurance company and records your eligibility and any potential points.

3. Higher Fines

Depending on the state, a fine for exceeding the speed limit by 20 mph might range from $90 to $300. For a third offense, a careless driving conviction brings penalties of up to $1000.

4. Legal Implications

In the event of a criminal conviction, a statute of limitations can be extended by one year for auto accident cases. Additionally, the criminal conviction is strong proof of a callous disdain for the safety of others. An accusation of civil negligence against an at-fault motorist could lead to the assessment of punitive damages.

5. Higher Insurance Rates

Motorists found guilty of reckless driving will likely see their insurance rates rise dramatically. In many instances, prices increase by 50% or more, amounting to around $1,000 per month. Enroll in a Point & Insurance Reduction Program course to lower your premiums. Completing one or more courses can reduce your monthly premium by 10%.