What is Premises Liability?

If you’ve ever been a victim of slip and fall, premises liability is the legal term for what may have happened. Premises liability cases happen when victims are injured on property that is privately or publicly owned by someone else. The owner can be an individual, a company, a government agency, or even another party that has some type of ownership over the property. Premises liability cases are complicated because they often involve laws from both state and federal law.

Therefore, it is essential that you speak with Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys if you have been injured in a premises liability accident. If you are unaware of your rights as a victim of a slip and fall, or any type of premises liability accident, you may never file an injury claim. Even if you are confident that you understand the laws associated with premises liability accidents, it is still suggested to speak with an attorney. 

It is because an attorney could guide you through the process and make sure that your rights are protected. They can also help you with any type of legal negotiations, which may ultimately lead to getting a larger settlement than if you were to represent yourself. 

What is the Role of Personal Injury Attorneys in Premises Liability Cases?

By hiring an attorney, victims are afforded protection in many different ways. For example, it is very important that you carefully document every element after an accident occurs. It is also essential that you preserve any evidence connected to your injuries, such as pictures and videos of the scene or injuries.

If you’re afraid that you cannot do this on your own, it is important to hire an attorney. They can also be beneficial by helping create a contact list of several different witnesses or bystanders who could have seen the accident. 

Even if you have your own insurance, it is important to know what your company’s policy limits are. You should also find out if they will cover all of the medical expenses related to your injuries. A personal injury attorney can help you better understand how to collect damages from other parties in premises liability accidents and bring them back to you.

An attorney can also make sure that you are receiving the compensation that you deserve for your injuries and suffering, which may include recovery costs such as hospital bills, medical treatment, loss of earnings, and other forms of pecuniary losses. They may also push for additional compensation, including emotional harm and pain and suffering damages.