Let’s All Work Together for Zero Fatalities

You don’t want to be searching for a car accident attorney this summer.

Utah’s roads have a big problem with fatalities during the summer time. In fact, it’s been estimated that, every day during the days between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend, at least one person will become fatally injured on Utah’s roads. It’s for this reason that the Zero Fatalities campaign was created. The Zero Fatalities campaign has dubbed the days between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend, “Utah’s Deadliest Days” and if we wish to put an end to Utah’s increase in road fatalities during the summer season, we’re all going to need to work together to make Utah’s roads safe.

Drive Defensively

During the summer months, there are more people on Utah’s roads. And a good amount of these people are less experienced with driving on Utah’s roads. Some of these drivers are less experienced with driving altogether. Since school is out for the summer, many new drivers are hitting the road for the first time. These drivers aren’t alway able to drive defensively, or they may overcorrect. Tourists are also on Utah’s roads since the state is home to many beautiful national parks. However, some of these tourists are unfamiliar with Utah’s traffic laws, roads, and terrain. For both of these reasons, it’s important to make sure you’re driving defensively. This way, you’re prepared to prevent accidents when those who are less familiar with driving on Utah’s roads are on Utah’s roads in higher numbers.

Slow Down!

A lot of people like to go super fast on Utah’s roads during the summer time. All those careful, super cautious driving precautions we were taking in the winter? They’re gone now that summer is here! That’s because summer often brings the perfect driving conditions. With dry roads, no rain, and no snow, many people feel emboldened to drive faster than they would in the winter time. While that would be okay, it tends to become a problem when Utah Highway Patrol is consistently pulling over drivers going over 100 miles per hour. And you know it’s bad when the Utah Highway Patrol has had to beg people to slow it the heck down! If you’re driving on Utah’s Roads this summer, make sure you’re always going the speed limit. You don’t want to be the reason someone else is looking for a car accident attorney this summer.

Review Directions before You Drive

If you’ve got your vacation destination all planned out, make sure you review the directions for how to get there before you start heading over there. A lot of people are on the road for their summer getaway, and it’s not uncommon for those people to take a peek at the GPS when they need a little help. However, during the summer, there are more people taking more peeks at their GPS devices than normal. Therefore, you can help cut down on the number of distracted drivers by reviewing your GPS directions before you start driving. Though you may need a little help on the way, you can always pull over at a safe place to check the directions.

Don’t Drink and Drive

If you’ve got big party plans this summer, it may be a good idea to keep those big party plans off the road. You can contribute to the fight against fatalities this summer by pledging to avoid driving after you’ve ingested any amount of alcohol. Since alcohol impairs your judgment, it is less likely that you are able to accurately ascertain your level of impairment while your judgment is impaired. Furthermore, depending on what you’ve had to eat, alcohol may affect you differently. A person who drinks a beer on a full stomach is going to be less intoxicated than a person who drinks four shots of vodka on an empty stomach. 

Put Your Phone Away

Phones can be incredibly addictive and distracting. Help your favorite car accident attorney out by avoiding texting and driving. If you know you can’t resist checking that notification as soon as you hear the chime, you may need to put your phone on silent. Some phones are able to detect when a person is driving and will then silence all notifications during that time. You may also decide to use bluetooth or a hands free device if you need to talk on the phone while you’re driving. This way, you’re able to keep two hands on the wheel at all times. This summer, make sure you’re not the reason every car accident attorney is overwhelmed with work. Drive safe.