Four Important Factors to Consider in Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Choosing the right personal injury lawyer to represent your case may be challenging. You need to hire someone who has experience in your case and is knowledgeable about related laws. The best lawyer from Groth & Associates will fight to hold the at-fault parties liable for your injuries. If you want to hire the best lawyer, here are considerations you need to keep in mind:

Experience in Personal Injury Cases

Seasoned attorneys know how to handle insurance providers. They are aware of the tactics they use to try to reduce the value of a claim or deny a claim altogether. An experienced attorney knows how to bring your injury case to trial and present the evidence and facts that surround it. 

Consider how long a lawyer has practiced in the state. Choose an attorney with experience trying cases locally. Also, they should have courtroom experience. Your case might end up in court, so it helps to have an attorney who can represent your case no matter where it gets concluded. 


Before you hire an injury lawyer, learn from those who had the same case as yours. Read client reviews online to know more about every attorney from their clients. You must work with an attorney with a solid reputation. This way, you can expect a lot of positive things from their services and what they can do for your case. Find any complaints regarding an attorney’s responsiveness and professionalism. Stay away from a lawyer with many negative reviews.

Track Record

When you interview an attorney, ask about the number of cases they have handled. Also, ask how many they have won or lost. Take into account their ability to win your case. By looking into the track record of an attorney, you can get an idea of the chances of your case prevailing either at the negotiation table or in court.

Fee Structure

Once you have prospects in mind, ask about their fee structures. The majority of attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means that they only get paid if they win your case. They will take just a percentage of the winnings as payment for their legal services. But some attorneys may require you to pay an hourly rate or a retainer. Ensure you don’t pick just any attorney you can find. Rather, choose those who have the expertise you need. An attorney who has the qualification, skill set, and experience is worth the price.