Avoid Saying These Four Things After an Accident

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An accident can be emotionally disturbing. Feelings of confusion and stress after a car accident are common and completely normal. However, it is essential to be careful and remain calm as your words can be used against you. Your statements hold a lot of value and can result in denial or reduction of claim settlement and even penalties. Read more about this here

Avoid using these phrases after an accident to protect your case and avoid any risks of claim reduction and rejection.

  • Anything that starts or ends with “accept” or “admit.”

If the accident happens because of someone else, their insurance company will call you to offer settlement offers, or their insurance adjuster may ask you for statements. Do not admit fault or liability for the accident. Avoid accepting any initial settlements as well. Insurance companies are quick in offering small amounts of settlement in the beginning as it helps to avoid paying more after a trial or further negotiation. Another thing to consider is that your medical issues may appear minor at first but become more severe over time. Doing so will lead to an increase in medical bills and rehabilitation charges as well. A quick settlement may not be able to fulfill your requirements adequately. Make sure to take the advice of your lawyer before taking any steps.

  • Speculative statements like “I believe” or “I think.”

The insurance company will thoroughly evaluate whatever you say after the accident. Saying statements implying you have some contribution or believe you may have unintentionally caused the accident can risk your settlement. You may also get sanctioned with a penalty and license suspension. Do not make any speculative statements. Let the police investigate the accident and gather accurate evidence through CCTV footage and witnesses. If you are posed with a question regarding what happened, say you do not know or do not have an idea how it happened.

  • Apologies

Apologizing in unfavorable situations can be an instinct. However, engaging in any apology in this situation will be deemed an acceptance of fault from your side. This can be harmful to your case, and you may end up facing charges yourself.

  • Avoid saying you do not have any injuries.

Accidents can give you a rush of adrenaline that lasts for a long time. It prevents you from feeling the extent of your damage. Do not make any statements when your mind and senses are clouded by adrenaline. You may not have visible significant injuries after an accident, but that does not indicate you are totally fine. Get yourself examined by a medical professional as soon as possible. However, some injuries may not appear as many develop over time and show symptoms later. Therefore, do not underestimate your injuries.