What To Expect After Being In A Pedestrian Accident 

Suffering from a pedestrian accident can be scary. No matter whether a two-wheeler hits you or an 18-wheeler truck, the injuries are almost always significant. After the accident, you must be in a lot of pain. Moreover, you might be worried about the hospital and medication bills piling up. 

When you suffer from a pedestrian accident, you may not be in the right state of mind. It helps to know what you can expect during the aftermath so you can avoid taking the wrong steps. For greater help, you can consult with a personal injury lawyer glastonbury.

What to expect after being in a pedestrian accident 

  • Injuries and pain. 

It goes without saying that when a vehicle hits a pedestrian, the extent of injuries and pain is greater. In most cases, the driver gets out of the accident without acquiring any injuries, while the pedestrian gets hospitalized. If you have been in a similar accident, injuries are quite common. You must seek medical attention immediately to determine the real extent of your injuries and evaluate your damages. 

  • Calls from the insurance company. 

When you get into an accident in Glastonbury because of another party’s fault, you might get calls from their insurance company. The insurance company will try to catch you at a time when you have not yet had a chance to see your doctor or talk to an attorney. They do this because they want you to say yes to a lower settlement. 

Once you talk to an attorney or understand the true value of your damages, they lose that chance. Therefore, be careful when speaking to the insurance company and do not accept any early offers. 

  • The other party may deny liability. 

The liable party does not always accept the fact that they were at fault. Even if you have solid evidence, they may argue that the evidence is not true. During this time, you need strong legal representation to fight all of these allegations effectively. An attorney can help you gather evidence that the other party cannot deny and facilitate the process. 

  • The other party may try to convince you not to report the accident. 

Sometimes, the other party may accept their fault on site. They may ask you not to report the accident to the authorities and manage the damages privately. However, never believe them because you never know if they might change their mind later. 

If you do not report the accident, you will have no proof that the accident even happened. This will make it even more difficult for you to win the case.